Pocono Private Retreat

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Pocono Private Retreat

If you are looking for a private retreat destination in the Poconos, you’ve found it! Pocono Valley is located only 90 miles from New York City and Philadelphia and is the ultimate setting for all weddings, corporate events, company picnics, and class trips. We offer a multitude of new and exciting activities including the Twin Pines Challenge Ropes Course which enables participants to build camaraderie amongst their peers. Enjoy PV’s private 40-acre lake with kayaks and pedal boats as well as swimming in our two Olympic size heated pools. All water activities are supervised by certified lifeguards and can be closed at your group’s request.

Get Together at a Pocono Private Retreat

Why have a private retreat in the Poconos? According to Harvard Business Review research, teammates who communicate directly with one another, rather than simply the team leader, work more effectively and have higher overall performance. As a result, the offsite is ideal for increased collaboration. Whether it’s using our ziplines, our Olympic-sized pools, or our golf driving range, your work retreat will help bring people together. Being in a new place and devoting oneself to a purpose makes team members feel stronger as a unit after the offsite.

Pocono Mountain Retreat Area Attractions

It’s no surprise that people flock to the Pocono Mountains to enjoy the plethora of water sports, with over 170 miles of rivers and 150 lakes. The Delaware, Lehigh, and Lackawaxen Rivers all pass through the Poconos. There is something for everyone, from Class I and II rapids perfect for rafting and kayaking to quiet fishing, boating, and swimming. Even in the winter, facilities like Ski Big Bear and Camelback Mountain Resort provide excellent skiing in the Pocono Mountains.

Facts About Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth of Nations

Pennsylvania is formally known as a Commonwealth, a term derived from Old English and meaning “common weal” or “public well-being.” All legal proceedings in Pennsylvania are conducted in the name of the Commonwealth, despite the fact that the word does not appear on the State Seal.

The Coat of Arms of the State

The Coat of Arms of Pennsylvania is undoubtedly the state’s most well-known emblem. It features a shield crested by an American Bald Eagle, flanked by horses, and adorned with symbols of Pennsylvania’s strengths, including a ship carrying state commerce to all parts of the world; a clay-red plough, symbolizing our rich natural resources; and three golden sheaves of wheat, symbolizing fertile fields and Pennsylvania’s wealth of human thought and action. Below, the branches of an olive branch and a cornstalk cross, sending a message of peace and wealth. The state motto is emblazoned on the bottom of the page.

The Flag of the State

The official Pennsylvania State Flag, a gold-fringed banner with the Coat of Arms embroidered on a blue field, was approved by the General Assembly in 1799. Some Pennsylvania regiments flew battle banners that were based like the American flag, but with our Coat of Arms in place of the block of stars in the corner during the Civil War. When the General Assembly proceeded to standardize the State Flag in 1907, this type of artistic freedom was discouraged.

Ready to book your Pocono Private Retreat?

We have everything you need to make your private retreat a success.

  • Daily accommodations up to 5,000 guests
  • Overnight accommodations up to 800
  • Custom menus for all meals from hamburgers to lobster
  • 80 newly renovated cabins
  • 10,000 sq. ft. fully staffed kitchen
  • Indoor & outdoor dining
  • 25,000 sq. ft. indoor space
  • 7,000 sq. ft. gymnasium space
  • Auditoriums, breakout and presentation rooms
  • Lakeside DJ
  • Event programming
  • Transportation

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