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We Can Help with your Philadelphia Business Retreat

Our 350-acre campus on a private lake is ideal for your Philadelphia Business Retreat. We can help plan your Philadelphia Business Retreat from meals to activities and more.

Start your Philadelphia Business Retreat by defining the vision. At this phase, we like to have our customers establish a preliminary itinerary idea for the staff retreat. If you create a preliminary itinerary on paper, you’ll have a great starting point for the rest of the retreat preparation process. To begin, we fill up a basic itinerary with blocks of time and crucial aspects from the goals area. The following are some typical important elements: Transportation, meals and beverages, team building, local experiences, work sessions, and downtime are all included in the package.

Step 2: Creating a Budget. At this stage, we work with your team to come up with a budget per participant for your retreat. We’ll assist you in making plans once you’ve established a target figure.

Philadelphia Business Retreat Events

We usually advocate creating a specific event focused on getting individuals to connect in new ways for team-building activities during company retreats. The majority of our clients ask us to plan a team Olympics volleyball tournament, a fun run, or a scavenger hunt for them. There is no set agenda for these activities, and each one can be fully tailored to incorporate unique aspects of your company culture and increase employee involvement.

Philadelphia Business Retreat Benefits

Practice communication – Corporate retreats provide chances for employees to participate in conversations, meet new people, settle problems, and get to know their corporate community.

Rest and rejuvenation – Your employees require time to rest and revitalize. A retreat provides an opportunity for people to contemplate, set personal objectives, reduce stress, and find a sense of serenity.

Learn about cooperation and leadership – Most retreats provide opportunities for employees to work in groups and develop leadership abilities. Employees may be asked to organize a project or lead an activity, such as a sport or physical exercise. Receiving this type of leadership training can prepare them real-world management skills.

What makes the Poconos so well-known?

The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania have long been a popular vacation spot for those looking to unwind. In the early 1900s, the first resorts opened. It developed in popularity during the 1920s and 1930s, thanks to its theater and skiing, as well as resorts ranging from budget to luxury.

The Poconos’ Natural Beauty Is an Escape From Work

The location you choose impacts your company retreat, and there is no better place than Pocono Valley with 350 private acres in the heart of the Poconos. The destination must feel like a getaway — not just another office. Pocono Valley is a great place for your employees to relax. They will not feel like they are on a business trip, but rather a holiday.

Adventure Team-Building Activities in the Mountains

Company retreat planners know that arranging an event involves many factors. There will be meetings and training, but there should also be fun team-building activities. Scavenger hunts, boat construction, rock climbing, hiking, and ziplining are all popular team-building activities in the Poconos. Your staff will appreciate the opportunity to participate in activities and trips not available elsewhere.

Ready to book your Philadelphia Business Retreat?

We have everything you need to make your business retreat a success.

  • Daily accommodations up to 5,000 guests
  • Overnight accommodations up to 800
  • Custom menus for all meals to suit any taste
  • 10,000 sq. ft. fully staffed kitchen
  • Indoor & outdoor dining
  • 25,000 sq. ft. indoor space
  • 7,000 sq. ft. gymnasium space
  • Auditoriums, breakout and presentation rooms
  • Lakeside DJ
  • Event programming
  • Transportation

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