Outdoor Wedding Venue for Pittsburg Couples

Top Outdoor Wedding Venue Close to Pittsburg!

Pittsburg Couples Love Weddings at Pocono Valley

Pocono Valley Resort is the #1 outdoor wedding destination for couples from Pittsburg and all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Located in the beautiful Pocono mountains, we have multiple ideal wedding backdrops outside next to our private lake or with the mountains to frame your beautiful day. 

In terms of indoor space, we have accommodation for up to 7,500 guests and a 10,000 square foot dining area. We are experienced at hosting weddings and can accommodate most requests.

You can learn more about the Poconos here: https://www.visitpa.com/region/pocono-mountains

Why Have an Outdoor Wedding?

Outdoor Venues Are Beautiful
One of the main advantages of getting married outside is the calm and beauty that only nature can provide. Beautiful outdoor sites are plentiful when you take the time to look around, especially at Pocono Valley.

Your photos are stunning
Outdoor weddings provide for stunning three-dimensional photographs. The beautiful scenery will serve as a backdrop, and the lighting will be natural. Imagine the savings on decorations with the backdrop of the Pocono Mountains.

Set the RIght Mood in Outdoor Venues
Weddings have many atmospheres, and yours will be natural. This depends on the time of day you marry. A sunset wedding does not require an indoor ceremony to be gorgeous.

Top Reasons Why Pittsburg Couples Marry at Pocono Valley:

Ultimate Wedding Venue

The Pocono Mountains in northeast Pennsylvania have 2,400 square miles of natural landscapes, including spectacular mountain vistas, gushing waterfalls, lush woodlands, and 170 miles of meandering rivers. There’s much to do on a weekend break or a week-long vacation, whether you want to sip, taste, rest, or explore.

The Pocono Mountains were once regarded as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World,” a designation given to them just after World War II. As GIs returned to New York City’s harbor, they were reunited with their sweethearts, married fast, and proceeded to adjacent Poconos resorts for their honeymoons.

Outdoor Weddings Save You Money
Outdoor weddings are frequently far more reasonable than indoor weddings, especially if you can find a free or low-cost setting like Pocono Valley. This is also true if your reception is outside.

Outdoor Weddings Are Easy
Outdoor events can be informal or sophisticated. You may also tweak the settings to suit your needs. You may still choose the decorations, chairs, tables, and other elements for your outdoor wedding. Let the experts at Pocono Valley help you plan your special day.

An outdoor setting may be the key to your perfect wedding. Whether you prepare well in advance or last minute, having your ceremony outside has several advantages. Traditional indoor weddings are lovely, but outdoor weddings have their own charms.

Pocono Valley: Wedding Retreat Paradise!

Our private lakefront gazebo with a mountain view makes for a beautiful setting for your wedding ceremony. We offer a variety of menu selections that cater to all budgets. Reasonable rates for your special day are available.

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Ready to book your Outdoor Wedding?

We have everything you need to make your outdoor wedding a success.

  • Daily accommodations up to 5,000 guests
  • Overnight accommodations up to 800
  • Custom menus for all meals from hamburgers to lobster
  • 80 newly renovated cabins
  • 10,000 sq. ft. fully staffed kitchen
  • Indoor & outdoor dining
  • 25,000 sq. ft. indoor space
  • 7,000 sq. ft. gymnasium space
  • Auditoriums, breakout and presentation rooms
  • Lakeside DJ
  • Event programming
  • Transportation

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