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At Pocono Valley, we have a long history of serving schools from Delaware that are looking for a scenic mountain setting in the Poconos. Pocono Valley is located only 90 miles from Philadelphia and is the ultimate setting for a variety of groups. We serve multiple school groups during the school year along with corporate retreats, team building events, retreats, weddings, and more.

We offer a multitude of new and exciting activities including Twin Pines Challenge Ropes Course which enables participants to build camaraderie amongst their peers. Enjoy PV’s private 40-acre lake with kayaks and pedal boats as well as swimming in our 2 Olympic size heated pools. All water activities are supervised by certified lifeguards and can be closed at your group’s request.

Poconos Background

The Pocono Mountains’ tiny communities are becoming tourism hotspots in their own right. Milford, on the Delaware River, has a vibrant downtown with galleries, shops, restaurants, and inns. Jim Thorpe, on the Lehigh River, offers historic houses and seasonal festivities. Welcome to Honesdale, the “Birthplace of the American Railroad.” Stroudsburg offers guests unique shopping, dining, and festival opportunities.

A location of calming and natural splendor, with a tranquil, easygoing manner that engages tourists in leisure pursuits and connections with nature, friends and loved ones, the Pocono Mountains have remained a popular destination for almost two centuries. You can learn more about the Poconos here:

Why Choose Pocono Valley?

Children will be encouraged to investigate, discover, work together, and learn about their surroundings, themselves, and their classmates during their time. The unmatched experience of school field trips at Pocono Valley keeps children engaged throughout their trip, learning new physical, social, and emotional skills.

Experience the Benefits

School field trips at Pocono Valley include lots of wonderful benefits like:

• Getting to spend a day in the beauty of nature

• Active and safe outdoor physical activities that are fun for all kinds of students

• Professionally trained leaders that help your day run smoothly

• Activities designed to encourage individual growth and teambuilding

• An intimate and relaxing environment that promotes good morals and family values

• And much more!

Every trip to Pocono Valley will leave you and your class refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the school year with new-found skills and ideas.

Why Visit Poconos

The Pocono Mountains, or Poconos, have long been a feature of East Coast tourist itineraries. The Northeastern Pennsylvania Mountains’ ongoing attractiveness stems from its proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia. In the 1940s, WWII veterans and their spouses began visiting the Poconos for its seclusion and romance. Outdoor and adrenaline-inducing activities are part of the Poconos’ history. Big Boulder Ski Area started in 1946, and Pocono Raceway in 1968.

We Love School Field Trips!

Textbooks, worksheets, lectures, reports, and projects are the mainstays of the school year. Teachers and students alike work through this daily grind, day after day. Educational field trips allow a much-needed break from the daily routine and a host of other benefits to students.

By getting them out of the classroom and into the world, field trips to Pocono Valley Resort allow students to learn from experience, while teachers gain new insights on their students. Our mountain campus offers school field trips that are unique and exciting, creating lasting memories of the skills and lessons learned.

Studies have shown that children of all ages learn better when they have opportunities for physical activity. Unlike visiting a museum or performance, school field trips held outdoors, like the ones at Pocono Valley, give students the opportunity to move their bodies, engaging with their environment in a way other field trips do not allow.

With activities such as sports, games, scavenger hunts, climbing towers and even zip-lining, students will be having fun while using both fine and gross motor skills and practicing hand-eye coordination.

During school field trips, students will be outdoors observing nature and wildlife in its natural habitat. You will see children listening and responding in very different ways than they would in the classroom, as their senses are full of new sights, sounds, and smells.

One of the most important skills in the workforce is knowing how to work as part of a larger team, and this instruction begins in school. School field trips that support team building will have lasting benefits for the dynamics of the classroom and for the students throughout their lives.

By taking the students out of the classroom and putting them in nature, they are separated from their high-tech worlds, gaining new experience and insight about the world around them.

With interactive hands-on activities, students will be fully engaged, and might not even realize they are learning skills to assist them in school and life!

Combining education, adventure, and nature into an unforgettable experience has provided countless students with lasting memories of their time. For many students, their trip to Pocono Valley is the highlight of the school year.

Best Reasons to Have your Delaware School Field Trip

Effort and Results
Bringing a subject to life outside of the classroom has its own particular excitement and joy for kids, that undeniable “school trip vibe.” Learning activities let students connect academics and themes to personal experiences and memories. This often improves classroom behavior, achievement, and participation.

Relationships and Dialog
Who among us hasn’t seen how pupils react when you say “you can work together and choose your partners”? Who wouldn’t gravitate towards their pals during group assignments if given the chance? But on school day trips, pupils learn outside the classroom, share experiences and create relationships outside of their typical groups. Students form unique bonds based on shared interests, memories, and experiences. This will help both the students and you, the professors. These experiences improve their performance and accomplishment in collaborative work, group conversations, and group projects.

Social and self-esteem
Students typically struggle with public speaking, interpersonal skills, and the dreaded presentation, preventing them from realizing their full potential. School day trips push students who are timid or uncomfortable interacting with strangers to confront their fears. Asking for directions, visiting staff, and even ordering meals when traveling require social engagement, which builds students’ confidence. As a consequence, classroom engagement and participation may rise in all the right areas!

Pocono Valley Interesting Facts

Dale H. Hearn, a local, campaigned for Vice President in 1948

The Poconos has awesome ski trails! There are about 170 at the six major (and a few minor) ski resorts.

Fall is a popular period for travelers for a reason! We have over 100 types of trees and shrubs, and 20 methods to see them, including skydiving!

Too many golf courses! We have around 30, and several were developed by champion players. That’s great news if you golf.

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  • Daily accommodations up to 5,000 guests
  • Overnight accommodations up to 800
  • Custom menus for all meals to suit everyone’s tastes
  • 10,000 sq. ft. fully staffed kitchen
  • Indoor & outdoor dining
  • 25,000 sq. ft. indoor space
  • 7,000 sq. ft. gymnasium space
  • Auditoriums, breakout and presentation rooms
  • Lakeside DJ
  • Event programming
  • Transportation

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