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At Pocono Valley, we have a long history of serving companies from the New Jersey area that are looking for a scenic mountain setting in the Poconos. Pocono Valley is located only 90 miles from New York City and Philadelphia and is the ultimate setting for a variety of groups. We serve multiple school groups during the school year along with corporate retreats, team building events, retreats, weddings, and more.

We offer a multitude of new and exciting activities including Twin Pines Challenge Ropes Course which enables participants to build camaraderie amongst their peers. Enjoy PV’s private 40-acre lake with kayaks and pedal boats as well as swimming in our 2 Olympic size heated pools. All water activities are supervised by certified lifeguards and can be closed at your group’s request.

New Jersey Company Retreat Basics

Not all business retreats are intended for the entire staff. While you don’t want anybody to feel excluded, each retreat should be tailored to the employees who will be most influenced by the event’s program. As a result, you might need to conduct two retreats: one for CEOs and one for everyone else.

Employee retreats, on the other hand, should include all employees, from the CEO and senior staff to part-timers. Taking this strategy ensures that each employee feels equally valued as a member of the team.

Depending on the size of your organization, you may only want to invite certain departments. This might imply that only department heads and senior personnel are invited to the retreat. Alternatively, you may choose to invite everyone, but in order for workers to participate in the retreat’s activities, you will need to divide them into smaller groups. Remember that inviting too many people to a retreat is usually preferable to leaving someone out.


At Pocono Valley, we will work with your to plan all of your meals. Sample menus will be provided. We can accommodate all tastes, from hot dogs and burgers to lobster, we’ve done it all!

Everyone Has a Say

Employee retreats provide an opportunity for everyone in the organization, not just the executives, to discuss the firm. Give employees a place to talk about problems and make recommendations for how to improve things. The last thing you want to do is bring employees to a meeting and then ignore their input.

Because some team members may be hesitant to speak up at a meeting, have everyone put down their thoughts on paper with the option of anonymity. The act of pulling these ideas from a hat sparks debate without fear of penalties. If workers haven’t spoken yet, you can have the facilitator urge them to do so.

Work and Have Fun

Just because it’s an employee retreat doesn’t mean everyone needs to be completely focused on work. Encourage your workers to connect and learn more about one another. At Pocono Valley, we have 101+ fun activities from water sports to ropes courses and zip lines.

People are able to bond better when they have the opportunity to explore the outdoors, share a meal, or simply laugh with one another.

During retreat activities, though, don’t be scared to keep on the subject. While you should encourage your team to have fun, you should also set limits. This may be accomplished by setting aside time during the day for everyone to go out on their own and unwind.

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We have everything you need to make your company retreat a success.

  • Daily accommodations up to 5,000 guests
  • Overnight accommodations up to 800
  • Custom menus for all meals from hamburgers to lobster
  • 10,000 sq. ft. fully staffed kitchen
  • Indoor & outdoor dining
  • 25,000 sq. ft. indoor space
  • 7,000 sq. ft. gymnasium space
  • Auditoriums, breakout and presentation rooms
  • Lakeside DJ
  • Event programming
  • Transportation

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